Viberate's 1st creative Hackathon

We're organizing the first ever V-Hackathon with a 20,000 € prize pool!

All the creative, inventive, entrepreneurial, tech minds out there, here's your opportunity to make the next big mobile app.

Pitch in!

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To take part in the Hackathon, it is necessary to register and complete the application form. Applications are open from May 21, 2018, to June 3, 2018 (by noon, CEST). The Organizer reserves the right to prolong or shorten the application period without prior notice. The Participants must be at least 18 years old and legal residents of Member States of the EU (see or Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Republic of Serbia and Kosovo.

Incomplete application forms and/or forms containing false information will result in the expulsion of the Participant and/or the team from the Hackathon.

Participants may apply as a team or as individuals.

Participants who apply in teams have to inform the Organizer that they are applying as a team via the online application (field: Team or Individual in the Application form) and include the names of the other team members. However, each team member must register individually.

Each team must be multidisciplinary and composed of 4-6 persons of different profiles. Each team must include the following profiles:

  • Team leader - 1 person
  • (Digital) marketing specialist - 1 person
  • Designer - 1 person

Other individuals may be of random profiles but must have enough skills to compete by solving an actual business case. It’s recommended for a tech specialist (developer or other similar profile) to be included in the team.

Each team must be prepared to accept additional members that the Organizer might assign to them.

Participants who apply as individuals will be assigned to new or existing teams by the Organizer at its sole discretion. The final number of team members may vary from team to team.

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Hackathon without prior notice at its sole discretion.


The purpose of the V-Hackathon is to develop a concept for a new mobile app.

App guidelines:
· The app must include at least 1 of Viberate’s assets from the curated
database of artists, events, venues, event organizers.
· The app is intended for consumers, not business users.
· It’s not mandatory for the VIB token to be included as a utility
token in the app.
· The app focus should not be on crypto.
· The solution must be innovative and must follow the modern mobile app
trends (features, usage…).

Hackathon assignment:
· Define the target group.
· Define the problem to solve for this target group. What is the background of
this problem?
· Present the app concept - the general idea.
· Design the wireframes.
· Think about the app scalability.
· Define the business model.
· Present a draft market penetration strategy.
Coding and software development is not required to complete the assignment.


Matej Gregorcic

Matej Gregorcic

Judging Criteria

  • General idea - app concept
  • Viberate assets usage
  • Main case preparation and business plan
  • The size of the target group potentially reached with the app
  • The type of the target group problem solved with the app
  • App scalability
  • Final pitch